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Organic Olive Oil Mill
The olive oil obtained from our own garden has a distinctive aroma and can be easily distinguished from others because it is not mixed with oils of different character and quality from other regions.

At Angelos, we treat our olive trees with tender loving care and use early harvesting methods in olive oil production. Thus olives are collected when amount of medicinal nutrients they contain are at the highest level and we offer you healthy and high quality products. The amount of olive required to obtain one liter of oil in early harvest is about 70-100% higher than that of ripe olives. Appreciating the importance of quality over quantity is our philosophy.

Once the olives are collected, the time between harvesting and production is significantly important for the quality of the product. So olives are transported to the plant in the morning and sent to the pressing stage within 2-3 hours on the same day.
"Consuming a quality product is a not luxury, but a right for people..."

With this principle, we want to offer you the best. We carry out the production process by combining traditional methods with technology in order to maintain the naturalness of olive production.

To offer you the best quality; we follow early harvest procedures carefully and produce the most natural olive oils in our nature compatible facility which has been candidated for Mies van der Rohe Award in 2017 by representing Turkey in the pre-selection list.

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EOS Sertifikası

EOS Sertifikası

NOP Sertifikası

NOP Sertifikası

Müteşebbis Sertifikası

Müteşebbis Sertifikası

Our Products

2023 Harvest! Organic Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oils

2023 Harvest! Organic Tonda Iblea Olive Oils

2022 Harvest! Organic Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oils

2022 Harvest! Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

2022 Harvest! Organic Tonda Iblea Olive Oils

About Us

How Do We Produce

We produce only organic and virgin olive oil in our facility. For maintaining high quality of olive oil; starting from collecting the olives from the trees, up to the providing the appropriate storage conditions we follow all the procedures carefully.

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Production Facility

Angelos Organic Olive Oil Mill is a building is located in the Bademli village near the city of Izmir in Turkey and is located in an impressive olive plantation (250,000 square meters) that overlooks the Aegean Sea.

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In our blog pages, you will find many articles ranging from the historical adventure of olive to the most delicious olive oil recipes, which are presented under the categories of "Articles" and "Recipes".

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In this page, you can view the digital e-catalog prepared for "Angelos Organic Olive Oil Mill" in pdf format, you can also download this catalog to your computer.

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