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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to produce and sell organic olive oil of the highest quality standards by using ecofriendly production processes.

Our vision is to be first choice of customers worldwide looking for quality organic olive oil. We value the blessings offered by these wise olive trees that existed for thousands of years and witnessed the glories and destructions of many civilizations.
When building our production facility, we aimed to establish a facility that is compatible with nature instead of a concrete pile. By taking our philosophy as a principle, we are approaching the maintenance and harvest of our trees as combining technology with tradition. We are working with effort and dedication. Following the same principle and philosophy; we use cold pressing method which is not efficient but without any heat treatment in our production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference of "Early Harvest Olive Oil" when compared with other olive oils?

Early harvest olive is obtained from the squeezing of olives that have not yet fully matured. While 1 liter of olive oil is obtained from 4-5 kilograms of riped olives, 1 liter oil can be obtained from 7-8 kilograms of early harvested olives. This method allows us to obtain a less efficient, but healthier, longer-lasting and greener oil.

Extra virgin is the highest grade of olive oil. If you make sure to choose an early harvest olive oil, it will likely automatically be extra virgin. As with all “virgin” olive oils, it is considered the natural juice of the olive fruit. It is made without the use of chemicals or excessive heat and must meet certain standards in terms of taste, smell, and chemical composition.

The best way to maximize the oleocanthal content of your olive oil is by purchasing one that is from “early harvest” olives. The time to start early harvest may vary depending on the climate conditions of the year. Olives typically don’t fully ripen from green to black until late winter. The definition of early harvest in the sector usually refers to the period beginning in October-November. At Angelos Farm it usually happens in late August or early September. Green olives picked in the fall tend to be higher in polyphenols like oleocanthal and in antioxidants.

What are the benefits of "Early Harvest" olive oil?

• Has low free acid ratio (FFA) (acid ratio increases as olive matures).
• It differs from other olive oils with its dense fruit taste/aroma and odor.
• Contains high amounts of chlorophyll and phenolic compounds (components with antioxidant properties), which strengthen the immune system and extend shelf life of the product.
• Prevents the body from formation of tumors by phenolic compounds olive oil contains.
• They are rich in vitamin E, so they have the ability to regenerate cells. Thus they protect the body against aging.
• Reduces the risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.
• It lowers the level of bad cholesterol, increases the level of good cholesterol.
• Regulates glucose metabolism in patients with diabetes.

What are the benefits of "Cold Pressed Method" to the consumers?

Olive pressing method directly affects the quality, nutritional value and aroma of olive oil. The more the olive paste is heated, the more yield you get. In the cold pressing technique, the dough is heated up to a maximum of 27oC so the beneficial minerals and nutrients in the oil are preserved.

In the case of olive oil production method which cold pressing technique is not applied, olive paste is heated up to 38oC (unfortunately 50-60oC in many plants) and therefore beneficial minerals and nutrients in olive oil are lost due to high heat.

By using cold-pressed method, we obtain less amount, but healthier olive oil with high quality. Cold-pressed virgin olive oil contains high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants that provide many health benefits.

How do I know if your product is really "natural" or "100% organic"?

The only way we can understand if a product is organic or not is to check the certificates of the product. Labels like 100% natural or 100% herbal do not necessarily mean that the product are organic. Angelos is certified by ECOCERT-IMO.

To view our certificates please click on the images below:
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Angelos Sertifika 03

What does "Single-Estate Olive Oil" actually mean?

The most determinant factor in the quality of grapes and other agricultural products is if they come from the same source. The single garden olive oil is produced from olives whose production quality and organic property can be controlled.

The most important advantage of being a boutique olive oil producer is that we only use olives from our own farm which makes us to define our products as "Single-Estate Olive Oils". Thus, our olives are not mixed with different character and quality olives from other regions, they have a distinctive flavor and exquisiteness that can be easily distinguished from others.

Which type of olive oil is the healthiest and how olive oil is processed in Angelos?

Organic, early harvest olive oil that is produced by using cold-pressing technique is the healthiest olive oil. Once the olives are collected, the time between harvesting and production is significantly important for the quality of the product. The olives have to be processed in 4 hours (maximum). Otherwise their free fatty acid (FFA) level increases. Low-acid olive oil is called extra virgin olive oil and has a FFA value 0.8% at maximum.
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