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11 Healthy Reasons For Using Olive Oil

Even though it is mostly used in Mediterranean cuisine, we all try to use it in our meals as much as we can. Delicious olive oil deserves to be held in high esteem.

This delicious oil, which has sworn to carry the taste, smell and essence of olives to all dishes; is too precious so it is also called "golden oil" or "oil of immortality".

Olive Oil, Cholesterol, Health, Cardiovascular Diseases, Nervous System, Neural System, Digestive System, Ulcer

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Stuffed Bell Pepper with Olive Oil

Stuffed Bell Pepper with Olive Oil is the one of the most important dishes of the feast.

Hint: Use plenty of onion to get the best result. It is essential that rice has to be roasted in such a way that it is kept fresh and bell peppers have to be cooked on low heat.

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Reasons To Drink A Glass Of Olive Oil Every Day

The reason for the existence of olive oil is not just it is a very delicious food and moves vegetable dishes, salads and sauces up to higher level.

Olive oil is not only for the flavor it gives to the dishes, but it is also a complete health source for the human body.

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11 Common Mistakes Done While Preparing Meals With Olive Oil

Especially in hot weather, our biggest savior is the dishes made with olive oil waiting for us in the refrigerators, since they can be served cold. The number one dish of our momma's feast, also her most favorite one because of its health and freshness. The dishes made with olive oil can be the conquerors of our hearts, but I wonder if you really make them in proper way...

These are the mistakes that are often made even by those who always have a dish made with olive oil in the refrigerator. It is time to correct the mistakes done while preparing the delicious dishes with olive oil.

Stuffed Vegetables with Olive Oil, Refrigerator, Common Mistakes, Cooking Techniques

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5 Significant Facts About Using Olive Oil In Meals

It makes stuffed meals, vegetable dishes, salads and sauces more delicious. We love each type of olive oil and it is our topic title again.

When we go into the kitchen, olive oil comes first. However, as we have read a lot of news about fictions that it will become harmful to our health because of overheating, we keep distance with it when making some dishes. So we usually prefer sunflower oil when we fry and use corn oil when we make meals that takes long time to cook.

Olive Oil, Cooking Techniques, Fry, International Olive Council, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Preheating, High Temperature

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