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2023 Harvest! Organic Tonda Iblea Olive Oils2023 Harvest! Organic Tonda Iblea Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oil, produced from Tonda Iblea olives, gives you the taste of the aromatic essence of Sicily. It embodies the aromas of highly fruity olives, green tomatoes, aromatic herbs and freshly cut grass. It produces sensations of bitterness and high intensity spices, yet has a well balanced bitterness and pungency.

Tonda Iblea olives are originally from the Ragusa area of Sicily, Italy. Our olive farm has 300 of Tonda Iblea trees. They are harvested while still green and cold pressed for oil in our olive oil mill.

This oil is convenient for cooking, yet recommended for consumption raw and uncooked. It is rich in phenolic compounds and antioxidants. It produces sensations of intense bitterness on the tongue and slight burning on the throat.

Package: Specially designed bottle
Weight: 0.25 lt. / 495 gr., 2 lt. / 2070 gr.
Origin: Turkey
FFA Ratio: 0.5%
Harvest Season: September 10th, 2023
Best Before: September 2025
Flavor: Intense fruity olive, green tomatoes and aromatic herbs
Color: Intense green, green
Extrusion Method: Horizontal extraction, cold-pressed, early harvest
Region: Bademli-Dikili/Turkey
Company Registration Number: TR-35-K-045371
Olive Variety: Italian Tonda Iblea

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2023 Harvest! Organic Tonda Iblea Extra Virgin Olive Oils